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Benefits And Side Effects Of Vitamin-C And Zinc

Benefits And Side Effects Of Vitamin-C And Zinc

Helpful in the Attack of Viruses

As we all know the time we are going through is very tough for us. In the period of the corona, everyone is afraid of going outside their home and started to improve their immune system. But we should know that there is a side effects of vitamin-c and zinc. Some are doing this by exercise and workouts, some started drinking decoction and started consuming Zinc tablets, Vitamin-C, and Vitamin-E tablets. But you know that the excess consumption of anything is harmful to our health. Similarly, excess consumption of these tablets has some side effects.

However, knowing the experts all three nutrients are not good for the body. In the name of combating the virus, eating vitamin-c pills for months can cause kidney stones problem. At the same time, high consumption of zinc may risk your stomach. Some started drinking decoction made of basil (tulsi), clove, black pepper to increase their immunity. But all these ingredients may increase the risk of stomach-related diseases. Every supplement has its right way to take in. So, today I will let you know the proper way to take these pills with their benefits and side effects.

Benefits of Zinc

  1. Zinc binds to the virus and inhibits its growth.
  2. It increases immunity and increases the speed of recovery.
  3. More than 300 biological essentials in the body, among them, the ability of the small intestine to digest food is the key to conduct the intake functions.
  4. Zinc helps in wound healing.
  5. Hospitals use zinc for the treatment of skin injuries or treatment for burns.     

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Who needs how much

  1. For the 18 above males, 11mg of zinc is necessary to take per day, and for females, 9mg of zinc is necessary per day.
  2. 11mg-12mg zinc is recommended to take per day for pregnant women.
  3. For lactating mothers, it is recommended to take 12 to 13mg of zinc per day.

Side Effects of Zinc

  1. A healthy adult should not take more than 40mg of zinc in a day, it increases the risk of kidney-related diseases. A high intake of zinc may change your taste
  2. Excess consumption of zinc may cause a deficiency of copper which is very dangerous.
  3. As we discussed zinc increases our immunity but the side-effects of zinc can suppress our immune system.

Side Effects of Vitamin-C

Benefits of Vitamin-C

  1. Vitamin-C in white blood cells, ensure the growth of immune cells called ‘Phagocytes’.
  2. These Phagocytes cells absorb the viruses present in the blood and get rid of infectious diseases by creating a protective shield over the intestine to prevent germs from dissolving into the blood.
  3. It helps in the treatment of skin-related issues because of its combat free radicals antioxidants.
  4. As zinc helps in healing a wound similarly, vitamin-c also plays an important role in the healing of the wound.

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Who needs how much

  1. For adults, it is recommended to take 65mg to 90mg of vitamin-c daily.
  2. 6gm to 8gm of daily doses relieves the symptoms of colds and cough.
  3. 80mg to 85mg of vitamin-c is recommended for pregnant per day.

Side Effects of Vitamin-C

  1. A daily intake of more than 2000mg can lead to various health problems like kidney stones.
  2. Side Effects of vitamin-c can also cause diarrhea and many other diseases related to the digestive system.
  3. It may also cause general abdominal discomfort and stomach cramping.

Side Effects of Zinc




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