Symptoms Not To Be Ignored After Vaccination

Symptoms Not To Be Ignored After Vaccination

Consider These 10 Symptoms In 20 Days of Vaccination.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued an advisory for vaccine beneficiaries. So that people pay attention to 10 symptoms occurring within 20 days after taking any Covid-19 vaccine (especially Covishield) and immediately consult the doctor because symptoms not to be ignored after vaccination. When these symptoms occur, a consultation can be made from where the vaccine has been taken. The Ministry has said that new laws regarding vaccination among people should also be taken.

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According to The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

1. Shortness of breath

2. Chest pain

3. Swollen limbs

4. Red spots on the injection site or blue-black burrows in the skin

5. continuous pain in the stomach

6. Throw a fit

7. Constant headache

8. Weakness in any part of the body

9. Vomiting for no reason

10. Pain in the eyes or making two pictures

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A very few symptoms seen in the Covishield impregnator

The committee constituted to assess the side effects caused by the national level vaccination submitted its report to the Union Ministry of Health. It states that there are very complaints of blood clots in India due to AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine ‘Covishield’. There has been no case of blood clotting due to the indigenous vaccine-produced cocaine vaccine.

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700 cases were reported which were serious

More than 23000 side-effects cases have been reported since the inception of vaccination in the country to date. all these cases are from 684 districts of the country, out of which 700 cases (9.3 out of every 10 lakh) are very serious.

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