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How To Increase Oxygen Level In The Body At Home

How To Increase Oxygen Level In The Body At Home

The corona attacks our lungs and this is what makes it the most deadly. But don’t worry here we brought the solution how to increase oxygen level in the body Our ability to receive oxygen decreases and the situation becomes critical. That is why the oxygen level of an infected person is always measured. If the oxygen level goes below 92 is an alarming bell for us. There need not be worry because their breath-related workouts and modalities that can increase oxygen levels. These immediately increase lung function. Today we are telling you about such exercises and modalities. It has been released by Medanta Hospital.

NOTEIf the oxygen goes below 92% it signifies danger.

Workouts and Exercises to increase oxygen level in the body

      1. Lie on your stomach and put four pillows

Lie on your stomach. If the patient has oxygen, do not remove it, turn the head to the right or left. Keep a soft pillow below the head, chest, knees and below the knee (keep in mind the space between the register and knees below the knees, not below the knees). Keep in mind that there should not be a pillow under the stomach. By doing this, the lungs are able to function well, and immediately the oxygen level in the body starts increasing. And do it for 30mins to 2hrs. You will see good results.

      2. Lie on your left side and do it for 30mins to 2hrs.

      3. Sit with a rest

      4. Lie on your right side and do it for 30mins to 2hrs.

      5. Then again come to the first position i.e., lie down on your stomach.

Importance of a deep breath

Healthy youth inhale and exhale 12 to 20 times per minute. But the correct rate to inhale and exhale is 6 to 8 times per minute. That is, it is beneficial to take deep breaths instead of breathing quickly, we cannot get enough oxygen.

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Deep Breathing

Water and Window

Water and window greatly help in maintaining the oxygen level in the body. If you are a patient of Covid, do not let the throat dry. Drink plenty of water. Do not wait to feel thirsty. If it is convenient, open the window of your room and let fresh air come in.


Consume iron contain foods

Include more iron-rich foods in your diet. The transport of oxygen takes place in the red blood cells, which need iron to keep them healthy. If you do not get enough iron in your body you will feel tired the whole day which will affect on the immune system.


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