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Corona Virus Third Wave Prediction In India

Corona Virus Third Wave Prediction In India

Corona Virus Third Wave

The third wave of COVID-19 is likely to hit India in October. But, it can be more controlled than the last outbreak. The pandemic will remain a public health threat for at least another year, according to a Reuters expert survey.

There was a quick poll from June 3rd to 17th. The 40 health specialists, doctors, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, and teachers worldwide showed that a significant increase in vaccines is likely to contain a new outbreak to some extent.

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Of those who dared to predict, more than 85% of respondents, or 21 in 24, said the next wave will arrive in October.  And, including three they predicted back in August and September 12. The remaining three said it would be between November and February.

But more than 70% of the experts, or 24 out of 34, felt that any new outbreak could be better controlled than the current one. Which is devastating with a lack of vaccines, oxygen, drugs, and beds in hospitals.

Dr. Randeep Guleria on Third Wave

“It’s higher controlled as a result of the cases have gotten heaps fewer as a result of any vaccines would square measure introduced and there would square measure some level of natural second wave immunity,” said Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of the Pan-Indian Institute of Medical Sciences. (AIMS).


India has only fully vaccinated about 5% of its estimated eligible population of 950 million people.

While most health experts predicted the vaccination campaign would ramp up significantly this year. They warned against lifting restrictions ahead of time, as some states have done.

Third wave of Covid-19

When asked whether or not kids and folks underneath the age of eighteen would be most in danger in a very doable third wave. A virtually common fraction of the consultants, or twenty-six out of forty, answered affirmative, adding that things might intensify.

“If many kids become infected with the virus and if we are not prepared for that, there is nothing I’ll do at the instant,” said Dr. immortal Shetty, Narayana Health Heart Surgeon. However, 14 experts assume that children would not be at risk.


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