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If your child uses smartphone excessively, then definitely read this report

Smartphone has become the need of all of us today. Don’t know how many things can be done at a time with this one device. Smartphones are not only used by adults, but nowadays even small children have become addicted to mobiles. Be it watching cartoons, playing games or anything else, children also use mobile phones fiercely. Mobile phones have changed people’s lives in a way. Today people use mobile phones for hours before sleeping. Today, through this article, we are telling you about a statement by James Kitto, Business Vice President of Samsung, United Kingdom and Ireland.

In fact, James told BBC in an interview that he had given his daughter her first smartphone after 11 years. Why we are mentioning this statement today, we will tell you the reason for it in the article below. James Kitto said in an interview that he had given his daughter her first smartphone after she turned 11. He gave this statement in the interview when it was being discussed that today everyone uses a smartphone, irrespective of their age. Be it children, old or young. James had said this while reacting to this.

Read this shocking report

Young children in India learn to use mobile phones faster than in other countries. According to a research by McAfee, young children in India use smartphones a lot due to which they are more prone to online risks. It was also told in this report that children in the age group of 10 to 14 years in India use mobile phones more than in other countries and also learn to use it quickly.

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It has also been mentioned in the report that this is so in India because here parents consider it normal for children to use mobile phones and do not scold them for it. Electronics and IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar told the Lok Sabha in March last year that about 24% of children use mobile phones for several hours before sleeping at night. Along with this, he also told in the Lok Sabha that there are about 37% children who lose their concentration power due to the use of mobile phones at a young age.

It was also told in the McAfee report that young children in India use mobile phones more, due to which they are more vulnerable to online risk. It was told in the report that children get trapped in many types of wrong activities like cyber bullying, data privacy, information leak etc. Cyberbullying cases are 5% more among young children in India as compared to other countries.

Parents keep this in mind

Overall, this report tells us that children should not use mobile phones from an early age because this age is for them to play, learn and understand new things. If they will continuously spend hours in mobile phone then it will affect their mental health badly which is not good for their future.

Parents also have to understand that children should not be given mobile phones at an early age because they get trapped in the wrong kind of trap. If technology or mobile phones are used properly, they can make life easier and better. On the other hand, if they are used carelessly then there can be many serious problems.

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