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Netflix ends Password Sharing: If we get something for free, then its happiness is something else. All of you must have taken your friend’s Netflix account at some point or the other to watch some movie. But now you will not be able to do that. Actually, from today in India, the company has ended the password sharing system and an email is being sent to the users related to it. In the email, the company is telling the users that their account is only for them and their household members. If someone outside your household is using your account, they will need to transfer their profile to a new account by paying and changing their password.

Quickly remove redundant logins

This step has been taken suddenly by the OTT platform. Although for a long time the company was talking about ending password sharing. Netflix has already ended password sharing in many countries. Due to this the userbase of the company is also big. Netflix has shared a blogpost in which the company wrote that the company will send these emails to members who are sharing Netflix accounts outside their home in India. One Netflix account is for use by one family. Everyone in that household can access Netflix, wherever they are – at home, on the go or on holiday. Users can take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access Devices.

The company further wrote that we believe that our members have many entertainment options. This is the reason why the company continues to invest heavily in a variety of new movies and TV shows. Whatever your tastes, mood or language, and whoever you’re watching with, there’s always something satisfying to watch on Netflix.

If you had previously given your Netflix account to someone, you can remove it by going to Manage Access Devices. If you want to watch your account on TV, then for this you have to turn on Netflix Household. The company said that devices that use the same internet connection as this TV will automatically become part of the users’ Netflix household.

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