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If you have not done this work then Google account will be deleted, YouTube-Gmail will all be gone. – Trending2days

Google will delete inactive accounts: If you have not logged in to your Google account for the last 2 years, then it can be deleted now. Actually, the company is currently removing in-active accounts from the platform so that the username can be free and it can be allotted to other people. Google will start the process of deleting the account from December this year. Before deleting the account, the company will also send a warning mail, in which it will be told that if you do not open your Google account, then all the data related to it can be deleted. Means photos, mail etc. everything will be deleted.

The company is also deleting in-active accounts because most of these accounts do not have 2FA on. Because of this, hackers can easily tamper with these accounts. If hackers hack such an account, then they can misuse the information related to it which can harm people.

Such accounts will not be deleted

Google will not delete the accounts from which YouTube videos have been deleted. That is, the account from which the YouTube video is posted will remain on Google. Let me tell you, Google is only deleting personal accounts. If you have an account related to business or educational institution, then it will also not be deleted. Google told that abandoned accounts are less secure than active accounts because 2FA people have not set them.

Keep account active like this

If you want to activate your Google account, then login to it first. Then use Mails, Drive etc. Download apps etc. from Google Playstore as well as keep watching YouTube videos.

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