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There has been a huge decline in the total number of apps on the Google Play Store. In recent times, Google has adopted a strict policy regarding apps, due to which a large number of fake and wrong apps have been removed from the Play Store. Alam is that the total number of apps has reached the lowest level. According to data from, the total number of apps on the Google Play Store has declined from 360,000 in the last three years to 2.59 million in June, reports IANS.

The number of low quality apps decreased significantly

Statistics also show that the number of low-quality apps has decreased significantly, but despite this, their share on the Google Play Store is still 37 percent. Statista and AppBrain data show that Android users could choose between 2.95 million apps three years ago. By the end of the year 2021, this number has come down to 2.7 million. If we look at the figures of January 2022, this number was 2.64 million. In the last two years, there was a shortage of 2,60,000 apps.

Slight increase in 2022 then decreased

In the middle of the year 2022, the total number of Google Play apps increased slightly and it became 2.65 million. As of June this year, Android users could choose from 2.59 million available apps. Regular apps account for 63 percent, despite a decline from last year, and low-quality apps still account for 37 percent. According to AppBrain data, in June last year, the number of low quality apps listed on the Google Play Store was around 983,000. Eight months after the new monitoring system was introduced, their numbers dropped to around 947,000.

Market share was also affected

Not only has the number of apps in the Play Store decreased, but Google’s Android market share has also come down to its lowest level in seven years. Rather, Apple’s iOS has increased its market share by one percentage point in the last three years, reaching 28.44 percent in the second quarter of 2023.


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